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"Tom Waits on meth." 

- Some Random Drunk Fan

The Hungover play live on stage at Werk2 in Leipzig Germany in a solidarity concert to support NGOs assisting refugees from the Ukrainian invasion by Russia

The Hungover are Leipzig's fines Bluespunks: vocalist and rhythm guitarist Matthew Hendershot, lead guitarist Hans Lindenau and drummer Paul Preisendörfer. Founded in 2019 as a trio, they have made it their mission to bring rock'n'roll, party and their own, original rock music back onto stage. On 4th July 2023, their independently and self-produced debut album 'Face the Facts' saw the light of the world. It brings to bear the bluesy core and the band's DIY punk attitude, It tells about the difficult challenges that everyone has to overcome in life, mental challenges and indictments of the status quo. The music is direct, loud, groovy, but always has surprises in store. But be aware they won’t do any ‘Zugabe’ playing live only ‘Absacker’ Cheers!

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The Hungover and it's extended family condemns and denounces all forms of descrimenation, intolerance, xenophobia and bigotry in all of its forms.
If you are racist, fascist, sexist, bigoted, fail to recognize human, women's, or LGBTQI+ rights as human rights, or if you preach hate or violence over acceptance, tolerance and love, then our music is not for you.


The Hungover verurteilt und prangert Diskriminierung, Intoleranz, Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Sexismus in all ihren Formen an.
Sobald rassistische, faschistische oder sexistische Ansichten vertreten werden,  Menschen-, Frauen- oder LGBTQI+-Rechte nicht als Grundrechte anerkannt werden und Hass oder Gewalt über Akzeptanz, Toleranz und Liebe gepredigt wird, dann ist unsere Musik nichts für dich.

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